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Image of an interface showing multiple clubs on the left hand side with one selected, then various channels inside the club, 'Chat, Party, Jam, Tracks, Work in progress'. The Jam channel is selected, and on the right hand side we can see that users in the club are sending chat messages, audio files, and individual layers of music as part of an ongoing 'jam'.


Highlight your community’s best music on your club’s public page

Render of a web page showing the public facing side of an Endlesss 'Club', showing audio tracks they have published, which have been 'liked' and commented on by other users. There is also an indicator of the club having 485 members, with a button that let's you 'ask to join', and a short bio about the club, that reads 'A collective of creators pushing the boundaries of music tech getting weird together, and just generally having some fun'. You can also see the club is 'supported by' various people or entities.